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Knit a Zelba + Mary Sweater

January 2024

It's the beginning of a new year and a fresh start. Time to think of what adventures the upcoming year will bring. Maybe learn something new!

In 2024 I want to take a deep dive into painting. Since my sewing hobby has turned into my business, I miss that creative outlet that allows me to experiment and play. In 2024 I will be creating a series of paintings in various mediums in a variety techniques to find my style, have fun and learn something new.

As I dive into painting, I will also be sharing some simple creative things to do here on the Zelba + Mary Creates Blog. I hope to share meaningful projects for a variety of ages. Some to be completed alone and others to be shared with a friend or family. Stay tuned for a monthly update, or more, of creative fun.

We are starting off with a knitting project. It is a Chunky Knit Sweater pattern for Zelba + Mary 10” Friends but could work with other small friends you already have.

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Be kind.


Zelba + Mary

Chunky Knit Sweater

Designed for Zelba + Mary 10" Friend



Medium weight yarn


US 5 Double Pointed Needles

US 7 Double Pointed Needles for BO


Chunky weight yarn


US 4 Double Pointed Needles

US 6 Double Pointed Needles for BO


Additional items:

Stitch markers

Large eye needle for weaving in ends and placing scrap yarn

Scrap yarn in opposite color is easier to see.


*Adjust needle size as needed. The sizes listed worked best for the noted weight of yarn during tests but depending on your stitch tightness you may need to adjust.

 *Both yarn weights make equally lovely finished products. One is lighter for summer maybe and the other is extra cozy.

Required knitting skills...use of double pointed needles, increase stitches (KFB), placing stitches on hold and picking them up again.


CO – Cast On

BO – Bind Off

DP – Double Pointed Knitting Needles *I prefer wood or bamboo

sts – Stitches

K – Knit

P – Purl

KFB – Knit Front & Back

EOR – End of Row


Hand drawn bear in sweater and pants walking a chicken.
Bear Walking Chicken

CO 32 sts using smaller DP needles based on yarn choice.


Ribbed Neck

Divide sts on three needles 12/8/12

Row 1 & 2: K2, P2 for 2 rows

Row 3: Knit a row, placing markers @ sts 6, 4, 12, 4, 6



Row 4: K to first marker, KFB, slip marker, KFB, K to next marker, KFB, slip marker, KFB, K to EOR *this is increasing before & after each marker to create the raglan sleeve

Row 5: Knit a row

Repeat Rows 4 & 5 until sleeve increases are 12 sts between markers, end with knit round

K to first marker, BO between markers, or place on scrap yarn, K to next sleeve marker, BO between markers, or place on scrap yarn, K to EOR

*If you BO a sweet little cap sleeve is created. Placing sts on a scrap piece of yarn saves the sts for starting the long sleeves after the body is complete.

Knit in the round until body measures 2” from bottom of neck band.

K2 rows of K2, P2 ribbing

BO in stitches with larger DP needle

*BO with the larger needle creates a relaxed edge and easier to get on.



Pick up sts on hold + pick up 2 sts from under arm (14 sts)

Work in stockinette for 2” from base of neck for long sleeves

Add K1, P1 for 2 rows

BO using larger DP needle



Weave in loose ends

Block sweater by soaking finished sweater in cool water, roll in a towel to remove excess water; do not wring or twist. Lay flat to dry, shape as needed. A sunny location works nicely.


Congratulations! You made a sweater!

Now try adding various cables, stripes, a turtleneck, change up sleeve length or overall length. So many options for your best friends expanding wardrobe.


Share your creation on Instagram with #zelbamarymakes


This pattern is for individual use only. Please do not sell pattern or items made from the pattern.

I hope you enjoy making a cozy sweater of your very own.

Spread Joy!


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