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Welcome to Zelba + Mary where we believe in friends forever. Our vision is to create refined pieces that are beautiful as well as useful and made for everyday love. We know those pieces will become heirlooms to be cherished.


Each handmade item is made in small batches with eco-friendly pre-washed European linen as the hero and beautiful cotton prints, chunky wool and embroidery floss are trustworthy sidekicks for making huggable companions, fashionable accessories, and cozy home goods. 


This creative dream is a result of being immersed in creativity since I was young. My paternal grandmother Zelba and my mom Mary, both taught me to knit, sew, embroider, paint and more. My grandma was an outspoken piano playing knitter and crocheter and I learned my needle skills from her. My mom was always sewing or embroidering, and I absorbed a lot of it. Designing and making was a notable part of the world I grew up in and eventually I received a design degree from the University of Minnesota and worked in corporate design for a couple decades before starting Zelba + Mary.


Thank you for spending time with us and for your support. We hope to bring you beautiful and useful items for many years to come.


Friends forever, 


Owner Zelba + Mary

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