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Nice to meet you.

Project Zelba + Mary is dedicated to the two women in my life that introduced creativity in all areas of knitting, sewing, embroidery, painting and drawing. Zelba and Mary were my Paternal Grandmother and Mother respectively and to both of them I am forever grateful for nurturing the maker in me.

Today Zelba + Mary is a small creative business exploring personal and home products designed and created in my small Minnesota studio. The current assortment introduces Zelba + Mary Friends, one of a kind animal companions made in small batches from lovely pre-washed European linen. Each is dressed to suit their personality with cozy wool sweaters to keep them warm and linen work pants for energetic play or maybe a fancy day dress for impromptu tea parties. Of course, the perfect accessories of tote bags, backpacks, bubbly scarves, and cozy knit hats complete the ensembles. 

Thank you for stopping by the studio we are grateful for your friendship.


Zelba + Mary 

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